3 ways to check the battery status of your iPhone

The batteries of the iPhone have returned to the front line of the news. Apple said that with the degradation of these, made the performance of Cupertino smartphones lower their performance. Therefore, the vast majority concluded that the best solution was change the batteries when the state of these began to decrease.

Some will say that a year; other than every two years; others will comment that when we really notice a significant drop in performance on our iPhone. But the truth is that it is best to have the iPhone health ’of our iPhone controlled at all times. And we will give you 3 easy ways to carry out by yourself.

Check iPhone battery status from Settings

As would happen on a Mac, Apple's own operating system – iOS in this case – will alert you to some anomaly in the performance of your battery. In order to see if everything is normal, you must enter Settings> Battery. If there is a problem, it will be the terminal itself who warns you that you should replace the battery or attend an Apple support center. In case you don't see a message on the screen, you shouldn't worry. Remember also that Apple can make a diagnosis of your terminal at any time.

Check iPhone battery status from macOS Console

On the other hand, it is also true that until you see on the screen that everything works correctly, many users do not remain calm. So the following method will tell us if the operation of the iPhone battery is correct or not. In this case we will need another team. You will need to use a Mac and its free "Console" application. To launch it you must go to Applications> Utilities> Console.

Secondly you will have to connect your iPhone to the USB port of the computer with macOS with the cable lightning. If it's the first time you do it, the iPhone will send you a message asking if the computer you connect to is trusted or not. After accepting the message, you will see that in the left sidebar of «Console», in addition to appearing your Mac also appears the iPhone you connect.

Thirdly you will have to select it in the sidebar and write the word search in the application search box batteryhealth. After a few seconds you should see a message and when you click on it, more details will be displayed at the bottom of the screen and we can verify that one of the lines corresponds to "batteryhealth" – battery health. In my specific case, my iPhone 7 Plus has a "good" status – good in English – so I shouldn't worry.

Check the battery status of the iPhone with coconutBattery

The last method we want to introduce you is to use a third-party app. Again you will have to use a Mac to be able to check the battery status of your iPhone. The app we refer to is the free coconutBattery. After downloading with her you can check both the battery status of your Mac – if it is a laptop – and your iOS device – iPhone or iPad –.

You will see that the coconutBattery control panel is very simple to use and everything will be well explained. In addition, you will have three tabs to consult. As you may have guessed, The one that interests us is the one that refers to iOS. There we can check the condition of our battery. That is to say: the current charge, how much charge we can get at the maximum with respect to the original figure and what is the total capacity of the battery. Likewise, we can know the loading / unloading cycles or know the details of the equipment itself: serial number, production date, the age of the equipment in days, as well as the type of charger that is being used or the processor it uses.

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