7 tricks to free up space on the iPhone, do you know them all?

Apple has always been characterized by Do not allow users to expand the storage space of their devices using memory cards, which obliges users to buy models with greater storage or to manage their space very carefully and adjust it to the maximum. Many people were bothered that Apple did not take out the 32 GB model as a basic model and many users who had no option to get the 64 GB model had to buy the 16 GB model. For all those users who have an iPhone with little storage space, in Actualidad iPhone we show you several tips to be able to free space unnecessarily used by our device, in order to make better use of memory.

PhoneExpander to free up space on iPhone

First of all you have to make it clear that PhotoExpander is for use in combination with a MAC, is not an application for iOS. The main function of this application show us the size occupied by all the applications that we have installed in our device and give us the option to eliminate them directly.

Clear app cache

Over time, applications store images to speed up the loading time through the device, but little by little, this space can become too large and occupy a large part of our valuable storage space. For clear iPhone cache for applications like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Telegram… we can make use of the CacheClearer tweak found in the Ryan Petrich repo http://rpetri.ch/repo.

Once installed, we go to General> Use> Applications and find three options where before we only found the option Delete application. Now we can also return the application to its original state, as if reinstalling it, or empty the cache completely, deleting all the data it contains.

Do not use mail clients such as Mail

The Mail application is still, despite the new features that it has received with iOS 8, quite just and often falls short for all those who make intensive use of the application. Mail usually downloads mail messages to the device, with all the space that this entails. When I had used the native mail application on iOS, Mail, I have gotten around 1 GB busy on my device just for mail.

The best option to be able to prevent our device from being filled with the email messages we have already seen and we do not need to check again at least in the short term, The ideal option is to use native mail applications, such as Gmail, Mail, Yahoo or Outlook.

Delete applications that we do not use

Many times we install applications just to see how it works, something we have always done with our computer, but in this case, we must take into account that the space of our device is limited without the possibility of expansion.

Disable the option to auto-save files in WhatsApp

Another option for free up space on the iPhone It consists of deactivating the option of saving photos in WhatsApp or other messaging clients.

By default, whenever we receive Any image or video through WhatsApp is automatically saved on the reel. This option manages to fill both the reel and our device with files and videos that we will rarely see again. To deactivate it, go to Settings> Chat Settings and uncheck the option Auto-save files. If we want to save any image or video, we just have to press on the file in question until a menu appears where it offers us the option to store on the reel. In Telegram, by default we don't have that problem since that option is disabled.

Empty the reel of photos and videos

Both the photos and the videos we make practically every day occupy a very important space on our device and over time they can become a load in the available space of our device. It is advisable every month, download the images to our computer and delete them from the device. Currently many cloud storage services such as OneDrive offer us the option to automatically upload the photos to the cloud, which allows us, but we want to make a copy on the computer, delete them from the device directly from time to time.

Before performing this step make sure all images have been uploaded correctly. Keep in mind that these services start uploading the photos stored on the reel once the application has been installed and has been given the corresponding permission. All the photos and videos we had taken so far, will not be uploaded automatically, which will force us to do it by hand.

Streaming music

If you are one of the users who are usually listening to music on your iPhone and you are Spotify users, the best option is to listen to the music through this service, since it hardly occupies space. In addition, with the option to download, every day you can download the music that you most want, taking into account that the music downloaded for online playback will take up space on our device but it is much easier to delete it to download more, since it does not You need to connect to a computer to add more.

What tricks do you use to free up space on iPhone or iPad? Undoubtedly, one of the most noted is to clear the cache of applications and there are some that although they occupy few megabytes, eventually end up devouring the internal storage of the terminal.

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