99% of fake chargers are dangerous for Apple devices

This is something that may seem obvious although it is true that we have all bought or have a charger for our iPhone, iPad or Apple device that is not official studies conducted by several consultants claim that these represent a real danger to Apple devices, and in this case the Institute of Commercial Standards of the United Kingdom (Chartered Trading Standards Institute) has carried out various tests with more than 400 fake chargers and the result is that 99% represent a danger, only three were saved. Nobody really escapes the purchase of an unofficial Apple charger and it is that the high cost of these official chargers makes us buyers of these replicas that can be lethal for the idevice.

The tests performed on these chargers by the CTSI are not chosen at random and is that It has been the Consumer Protection Agency of the United Kingdom, responsible for requesting evidence. It seems that a very large number of users have been presented with complaints about different failures in their iPhone and after carrying out the tests on the devices they conclude with what we all already more or less clear, the use of these chargers is not advisable. In the tests performed, the only thing that was done is to check the voltages of these chargers that are not original and it seems that only 3 of them successfully supported the test.

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<p>In fact, nobody is aware that the quality of a € 5 charger is not the same as in one of 10 or 30 euros sold by Apple, but this is something that becomes difficult to manage when we have to load our equipment in several different sites and we need more than one charger or when the source of the equipment is broken. <strong>In the case of the iPhone we can say that the cable is not of the best qualities that can be offered, but the charger can stand the test of time well</strong>.</p>
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On the other hand, this problem not only affects the iPhone, iPad, Mac and the rest of the company's equipment of the bitten apple, All devices are sensitive to damage with these fake chargers. Currently we know a few cases of devices burned because of fake chargers or even the recent withdrawal of Xiaomi adapters in the Amazon online store for not passing the relevant EU controls, but this is another issue.

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