A slow iPhone? Changing the battery can fix it

The complaints of users of older iPhone models with the new versions of iOS that are launched on the market are classic: slower animations than usual, unexpected reboots, applications that do not work as they should and, above all, battery that does not hold as much as before. When your iPhone turns three years or more, you already know that the first problems usually start to appear and that, if you are very demanding, you may have to start thinking about acquiring a new one.

Well, as we can read in a Reddit thread, these battery and performance problems may be related to each other and may be caused by Apple itself. Many users are manifesting how changing the battery of your older devices with a new battery makes them clearly improve their performance even objectifying it in benchmarks made. Is Apple slowing down iPhone with battery problems?

The average battery life of the iPhone is the lowest of all Apple devices, just ahead of the iPod. The iPhone battery is designed to maintain 80% of its original capacity after 500 charge cycles (the iPod only 400 cycles). The iPad, Apple Watch or MacBook are designed to maintain 80% after 1000 charge cycles, twice as much as the iPhone. If we take into account that the iPhone should usually be recharged completely every day, after two years the battery will already be with a depleted capacity that will make us begin to need to change it. This will not happen with the iPad or MacBook until after three years, if we recharge them daily, which is not usual in these devices with greater autonomy.

What happens after those two years? The battery of the iPhone begins to hold less, we notice that it no longer lasts what it should and that what was once a recharge per day is now two, or even three, with the same use as always. We blame the new versions of iOS, but although this may be an influential factor, the reality is that the battery is already in poor condition.

What is discussed in the Reddit thread is that Apple, aware of this fault, intentionally slows down the iPhone so that the battery can hold more, reducing power to the processor so that consumption is more content. Many users have reached this conclusion after checking the performance test scores before and after changing the battery for a new one. Obviously Apple is silent on this issue, but it would not be far-fetched if it were. Is your iPhone going slow? Maybe a new battery is the solution.

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