Activate automatic deletion to delete unused applications

iOS is becoming an increasingly capable and increasingly intelligent operating system, this obviously It is affecting in a very negative way those users who have devices with lower capacity, such as 16 GB, still very present in the market. That is why Apple has optimized the cache cleaning system and has given alternative opportunities to save space on the phone.

The functionality of automatically deleting the applications that we do not use has arrived with iOS 11, however many users are still unaware of these automation capabilities that can save us more of a dislike of space. We will learn how we can activate automatic application removal with this simple tutorial for iOS 11.

We have to know that this "downloads" the application but does not completely erase your data, since it stores a kind of mini backup which will allow us to restore the application completely, with everything we had in it, just reinstalling it from the iOS App Store, easier impossible.

To do this we will simply follow the following steps:

  1. We are going to go to the iOS settings application
  2. Within “settings” we will navigate to the iTunes Store and App Store
  3. When we go down to one of the last options we find "Uninstall unused apps."
  4. By default the function is deactivated, we simply press the switch to activate it.

This is an easy way to save space., but the truth is that we do not know when we can need the aforementioned application, and surely we are quite pissed off having to download it again. Meanwhile, it serves as a patch for those devices with less capacity, or even for those with greater capacity that install applications without any control, so you will not forget to delete them when you have them stored.

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