After the controversy with Romba, Apple claims not to sell the data collected by the HomePod

A few days ago the news jumped through the news agency Reuters, in which the head of the company iRobot, manufacturer of the vacuum Roomba, had the intention of commercializing the tracking data of all the homes where it is performing its functions. The mapping that makes this device is something necessary to know where it has and can perform its work, but the company wanted to get a bonus selling this type of information to the big ones like Apple, Google and Amazon, to be able to design better intelligent products that adapt to the largest possible number of homes.

The Apple HomePod is a device that will also be in charge when it reaches the market shortly before the end of the year, to map the entire room where it is to be able to emit the sound so that it can be heard perfectly anywhere in the room. All this is possible thanks to the A8 chip and a series of sensors that analyze the objects in the room in real time. But all this data will not come out device for Apple to market them, At least that is what Apple says before the user question.

A user worried about Apple's intentions with the HomePod has sent an email to the Cupertino offices, where they have quickly replied stating that at no time information is sent to Apple servers until the user pronounces the words “Hey Siri ” to be able to answer or perform the functions that we entrust to him.

What Apple has not confirmed is if you can really be interested in getting the kind of information that Roomba can provide, but considering that it can be of great help to design products of this type it is more than likely that it is. It should also be taken into account that the head of iRobot said that the data on the mapping of homes where your robotic vacuum cleaner is available will not be shared with third parties without authorization from the owner.

In the end, what is clear is that iRobot will make whatever it wants, whether or not it has the authorization of the owners, since the user will have no way of knowing If our data has been commercialized or if the company has fulfilled its privacy commitment.

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