AirFly, the jack connector for your Airpods (and any bluetooth headset)

When Apple put aside the jack connector on the iPhone, many had their doubts and complaints. In my case, all the headphones I used with the iPhone were already bluetooth, so I didn't have that problem.

But nevertheless, I had the opposite problem. There were devices that didn't have bluetooth and, therefore, I could not connect my headphones that were only bluetooth.

TwelveSouth has created, now that the Airpods are already beginning to be seen regularly in the streets, a device capable of converting any obsolete jack connector into a bluetooth device Able to send sound to our headphones.

AirFly, by name and design, It is specially designed to be used with airborne entertainments. Although, they admit that not everyone uses these systems (for that we have a MacBook or an iPad), but that AirFly can be used for any other situation.

In my case, I find it especially useful for using bluetooth headphones with televisions in a simple and comfortable way. Devices such as Apple TVs have bluetooth and are capable of connecting to headphones, but most televisions and others media center They are not capable but they have a jack connection that we can take advantage of with AirFly.

AirFly is the size of the Airpods box. It comes with a small male jack cable at both ends and connects easily. Simply press the connect button on AirFly and our Airpods (or any other bluetooth headset), and that's it.

Similar devices were already on the market, both bluetooth transmitters and bluetooth receivers, but TwelveSouth, in this case, provides quality and The device seems ideal if we need to add bluetooth connection capabilities to any device.

The AirFly promises 8 hours of playback and it is charged with a USB cable. The problem is that they have run out of them because of the success, but you can order it already on their website for $ 39.99 and they will send it on May 21. You can pay with Apple Pay, by the way.

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