AirPods are only the first step towards a real wearable

The AirPods are just the beginning, as evidenced by the latest patents that Apple has registered and that show us the future plans that the company has in this segment. In addition to being a wireless headset Apple wants its future EarPods to be a real wearable, with its built-in sensors to collect information such as heart rate or even stress level. The next generation of the AirPods could compete directly with other headphones such as the acclaimed The Dash of the Bragi brand, which left us with such good feelings.

The patents we are talking about show different models of AirPods with multiple built-in sensors. Its design varies from the current model, although that does not have to indicate anything about the final design of the device. They would have proximity and orientation sensors, since according to the patent they could be placed interchangeably in each ear, and heart rate sensors, oxygen saturation, electrocardiogram, body and ambient temperature sensors and stress levels among others. With all these sensors the information that these headphones could obtain would be greater than that of the current Apple Watch.

If you read our review of The Dash you will see that some of these sensors are already present in these headphones, although these Apple patents incorporate others that Bragi headphones lack. In this way the current AirPods would have been a “probe balloon” to see the public's acceptance and a first contact in this segment of the wireless headphones, to soon enter directly into the world of wearables with sensors of all kinds. Right now AirPods are included in the Apple Store as “iPhone Accessories,” but they could soon be a new category. of products within the Apple store, even with the possibility of being able to use them without the need of the iPhone thanks to the internal storage that would allow listening to music directly with them.

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