AirPods availability drops to 4 weeks

While many blogs related to Apple, and technology in general, we echoed some patents that showed us some possible Apple wireless headphones, those of Cupertino already had them in the production chain and shortly after officially presented them in it Keynote in which he presented the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. But until the beginning of December, and after several weeks of delay the AirPods did not reach the public. Since then the expected shipping date has always been 6 weeks, which has forced many users to resort to the second-hand market to be able to buy them even if they had to pay more for them.

Tim Cook has insured in different entreviThese are doing everything possible to reduce this deadline., but as we have seen, or Tim Cook gives us lengths to try to justify the delay, or it really is a marketing strategy, because despite this long term, many users are seeing how they receive the AirPods in less time than initially planned.

The planned 6 weeks has been reduced from a couple of days to 4 weeks globally, that is, worldwide. Presumably the manufacturer of the AirPods, Winstron has put the batteries at once and has managed to reduce the manufacturing time and after the Apple Store.

If the estimated deadline was 6 weeks before and the AirPods always arrived earlier, it is expected that now that the term has been reduced by 2 weeks, they reach users in less time. Or maybe, a possible renewal of the AirPods is coming and Apple wants to get rid of all the units As soon as possible, although to be honest, there is little room for improvement in the AirPods in terms of aesthetics, since the functionalities can be extended by firmware.

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