AirPods dominate the wireless headphone market despite increasing competition

Apple AirPods have faced availability issues since launch, but that has not prevented them from dominating the wireless headset market. A new report from NPD market research firm shows that Apple dominates the wireless headphones sector So far this year, far from the competition like Bragi or Samsung.

The report explains that so far this year more than 900,000 wireless headphones have been sold in the United States. Of those 900,000 Apple AirPods, represent 85 percent of the total since its launch in December last year.

NPD attributes the success of AirPods to factors such as “very tight price, brand image and the performance of the W1 chip” In terms of audio quality, the firm says its research shows features such as lIntegration with the iPhone and Siri have preference over audio quality.

A report made earlier this year showed customers' reaction to AirPods, with a level of satisfaction about this product among users reached 98%. Tim Cook has stated on several occasions that the AirPods have become a "cultural phenomenon" and has pointed out Apple's difficulties in keeping up with demand, difficulties that it seems to have solved in recent weeks.

If we stop to compare the prices of wireless headphones currently available in the market, Apple AirPods They are among the cheapest, below even the Samsung Bragi and IconX. It is clear that the comfort and integration into the Apple ecosystem rewards above the sound quality they can offer, quality that has always been one of the weaknesses of this device according to most experts.

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