Alto's Adventure lowered and first sample of Alto's Odyssey

Alto’s Adventure has become one of the most important games in the App Store on its own merits. Winner of numerous awards, acclaimed by critics and users of iOS and Android, this simple but impressive “Endless Runner” continues to reap good reviews update after update in its two recently completed years, and to celebrate this event the developers have put it on offer in the App Store for a limited time. You can temporarily download it for only € 1.99, a price best that just for a game that guarantees you many hours of entertainment and that you also have available for iPhone, iPad and even for Apple TV. As a reason for this anniversary they also offer us a video with a small preview of what will be their next release: Alto’s Odyssey

And in many cases it is not necessary to have a complicated game mechanics or super realistic 3D graphics for a game to succeed. Alto’s Adventure bases its fame on the contrary: a simple game to handle, with simplistic but at the same time very detailed graphics, With excellent sound and visual effects, a very relaxing music, and especially a game mechanic that makes it one of the absolutely essential applications for your iPhone that is likely to be played at any timeout of the day. In addition, its developers have always taken care of their updates throughout these years, being one of the first to reach Apple TV and use the new iPhone 7 haptic engine.

In addition to the reduction of Alto’s Adventure, they wanted to celebrate the anniversary of their most iconic game by showing a small preview of their next release: Alto’s Odyssey. This second part, which for the little we see will keep many similarities with the original game, will arrive this summer to our devices, and we do not know for the moment what changes will bring with respect to the original version, but surely until then we have more progress.

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