Amazon Prime Vdeo downloads records on tvOS

Amazon Prime Video is the multimedia content system on demand that the firm of Jeff Bezos makes available to users who choose to access their Premium subscription, which among other things allows you to access shipments the next day in Spain for only € 19.99.

Although its content catalog is not the most attractive of the billboard, the reality is that the fact that it comes as a package included in Prime makes its download a mandatory compliance for millions of subscribers worldwide. This is how Amazon Prime Video has managed to break all the records of early downloads in the App Store of tvOS.

This is how according to BestAppleTV the Amazon application for Apple TV, quite expected by the way, it has become the most downloaded application in the first seven days of launch, merit that they already wanted to have achieved others from the competition such as Netflix or HBO, although alternatives such as Movistar + that are not yet present could shade such merit. Although obviously it is data that BestAppleTV has not yet been able to accompany with official data, Apple's secrecy is always present in this type of news, and everything indicates that this will continue for quite some time.

But nevertheless, Amazon has a total of ninety million subscribers in the United States of America, of which 60% are Prime, what supposes a potential public of until 50 million users approximately, all this without counting the rest of users of all the world that also have access to the application and that more than probably they have downloaded it. What we don't know is if thanks to this pull, the Amazon team will offer more and better content, in which “GT” stands out, the renewed Top Gear.

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