Amazon's virtual assistant, Alexa, arrive at the Bragi Dash in October

A few days ago we informed you of the sales of wireless headphones in the United States. AirPods represent 85% of sales, Widely surpassing Samsung IconX and Bragi Dash. All these devices do not offer us the same functions, but the main function, to transmit the music wirelessly, they do it perfectly.

The German company Bragi, has two models in the market, the Dash and the Dash Pro, models that not only allow us to listen to music, independently or linked to the smartphone, but also They allow us to quantify our physical activity, use them as an instant translator … Bragi continues to expand the number of functions and has announced that from October he will add Alexa as a personal assistant.

Bragi has made this announcement at IFA, the most important consumer electronics fair held every year in Berlin. Bragi will add the Alexa assistant in the two models he has on the market, the Dash and the Dash Pro He presented a few months ago. This update will be number 3.1 and with a single touch on one of the devices, we can contact Alexa and request any information, yes, for now only in English and / or German.

Currently the Bragi Dash and Dash Pro allows us to activate both Siri and Google Assistant, but from October it will be the first headset that offers full support to Alexa, with which we will be able to request an Uber, find a location, make a call … Being a user of the Bragi Dash, I have to recognize that it offers a large number of options to customize the operation, but the user interface, with which we can manage the Dash, sometimes leaves a little to be desired and would need a full face wash.

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