Ambi Climate 2, intelligent control for your air conditioning

Little air conditioning controls have evolved over the years, and most are fixed only in the room temperature to regulate its operation, in many cases with the temperature sensor far from where it really interests you.

We analyze the Ambi Climate 2, a control for your air conditioner that It will regulate its operation according to parameters such as temperature, ambient humidity, time of day, sunlight, etc.. Compatible with any current air conditioning machine, we explain from its configuration to its most advanced operation.

Much more than a simple thermostat

The current air conditioners work according to the room temperature, without taking into account other parameters that directly influence our thermal sensation. The weather of the moment, ambient light, humidity and even the time of day greatly influence how we perceive heat or cold. It is not the same to have 24 degrees in the room during the day with the sun entering through the window than during the night while we sleep. That is why devices such as the Ambi Climate 2 are becoming increasingly important.

In addition, thanks to the use of artificial intelligence the device will be continuously using these parameters detected by its multiple sensors along with the information you offer to make sure you will be comfortable at all times of the day, without having to worry about changing the temperature of the air conditioner, because Ambi Climate 2 will take care of everything.

All this is what this device promises of the information that we can see on its website, along with significant energy savings thanks to establishing a much more efficient system than the usual remote control commands offer us. Do youDoes Ambi Climate 2 get all this? Let's go step by step.

Design and specifications

It is a small and discreet device that you can place anywhere in the room with the only requirement that you must "see" the air conditioning machine so that it can send you instructions. Funciona connected directly to the mains, without the possibility of using battery. Its connection to your WiFi network is made using the 2.4GHz band. Only a small front LED indicates the status, lighting up in orange when it is in the configuration process and in green when everything is working correctly. It is not a very intense LED, quite the opposite, so it is perfect to be able to place it in a bedroom without disturbing it.

In addition to using your own Artificial Intelligence system connected to your own servers, We can integrate it into demotic platforms like Alexa and it is compatible with IFTTT, being able to take advantage of all the possibilities it offers. Not compatible with HomeKit, at least for now.

Configuration and operation

The entire configuration process is carried out through the Ambi Climate application, which you can download from the App Store (link) and from Google Play (link) completely free of charge. It is a very simple but long procedure, but all the steps are perfectly indicated from the application itself So you will not have the slightest problem because the application is also in Spanish, as you can see in the video that heads this article. It is compatible with almost all air conditioners that have a remote control with LCD, but you can check the compatibility in this link.

The application is very visual, and offers all the information about the room in which the Ambi Climate 2 is located, with a history that shows you even the previous months in very illustrative graphics. In addition to this information we have the different controls that are offered to us in the air conditioning:

  • Comfort: you only have to say if you are hot, cold or comfortable. Ambi Climate will take care of regulating the air conditioning for you. It is the way in which the device is fully used, so it is the most recommended in my opinion.
  • Temperature: taking advantage of the device features but with a manual temperature control
  • Out of home: you set minimum and maximum limits that if exceeded will cause the air conditioning to be activated. Ideal for when you are going to spend long periods away from home.
  • Manual: Ambi Climate will behave as the remote control of your air conditioner, without further ado.

During the entire trial period I used Comfort mode, and after a first moment in which I had to tell him often if he was comfortable or not, the application “learns” your preferences and you can soon rely on it to regulate the temperature almost automatically, without just touching the control or the application .

But in addition to these options the app offers you the possibility of create your own programs on and off, even using your location (and that of other users) so that the air conditioner starts working when you get home and turns off when you leave. Have you ever tried to program your air conditioner and failed? Using an application on your iPhone is something we are all used to and it is much easier than with the remote control. You can also set different programs according to your preferences.

Editor's Opinion

Used to the rudimentary remote control knobs for our air conditioning,. Compatible with almost any current air conditioning, that configuration and operation is very simple, and Comfort mode works very well "learning" to maintain a temperature with which you are comfortable. Only HomeKit support for voice control is missing. If you use the air conditioning at home a lot, it sure is a purchase that will convince you. You have it available on Amazon for € 149 on this link.

  • Editor rating
  • 4.5 star rating

€ 149

  • Ambi Climate 2
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  • 100% automatic mode
  • Discreet and small design
  • Well designed and easy to handle application
  • Compatible with virtually all air conditioners


  • Not compatible with HomeKit

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