An unauthorized iPhone repair shop wins Apple's battle

Many are users, who despite finding their terminal under warranty, prefer resort to unauthorized technical services when making any repair on the iPhone, mainly because they are much cheaper than the technical service offered by Apple, especially if we talk about the iPhone or iPad screen.

While Apple continues to fight in the United States for the right to repair, a law that most American states want to pass and that will allow Apple devices to be repaired at any repair center, while maintaining the warranty, Apple continues to take steps to prevent these workshops from continuing to make money at their expense.

It all started when Norwegian customs officials they stopped loading 64 screens for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s whose destination was Henrik's shop and with Asian origin. The officials stopped the cargo arguing that the screens were faked and put Apple on alert.

At that time, Apple sent its lawyers to the Norwegian electronics repair shop of Henrik Huseby, demanding that the store stop using screens to repair the devices. To avoid the lawsuit, Apple's lawyers asked Henrik for a copy of the purchase invoices, information on how the payment had been made, order forms … in addition to any type of information relevant to the investigation, such as emails with the provider.

Apple's lawyer in Norway sent a charge to Henrik stating that if he paid 27,700 crowns (2,900 euros), He would avoid going to trial and the case would be forgotten. The owner of the workshop said he would never sign that agreement and made a lawyer who knew how to understand the problem and look for the necessary loopholes in the country's law so that he could win the case.

Surprisingly, Henrik has won the case, although Apple had up to 5 lawyers at its disposal. The company has claimed that it will appeal the case and has already begun work on the appeal to the country's highest court of justice.

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