Analysis of Sonos One speakers, intelligent and with AirPlay 2

The speakers are fashionable thanks to the emergence of the so-called "smart speakers" such as HomePod, Amazon Alexa or Google Home. "MultiRoom" or linking two speakers to create a stereo system seems something new, but the reality is that brands like Sonos take years offering the same with their products.

Taking advantage of the recent update that AirPlay 2 has brought to its products, we analyze the Sonos One speakers. The brand's most affordable model but offering quality sound and performance that few products in its price range can match. And you are also prepared to receive Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Design and specifications

With a size of 161.5 × 119.7 × 119.7mm and just 1.85kg in weight this small speaker is able to offer us a quality sound that few in its price range can match thanks to its two class D amplifiers , a tweeter and a media speaker. The design is the characteristic of Sonos, with two finishes available (black and white) and a modern and minimalist look in which the loudspeaker grill occupies almost the entire surface. In the upper part the tactile controls, without physical buttons, that will allow you to start or stop the playback, pass the song and control the volume, all through gestures on the top cover of the speaker.

At the top we also find the microphone with an LED that indicates when it is in operation, and that we can deactivate when we want if the privacy of these devices is something that worries us. When the voice assistants arrive at this Sonos One this microphone will allow us to control the playback without having to touch the speaker, in addition to other functions of these virtual assistants. But for now, this is something you will have to expect in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries.

As for the connectivity of Sonos speakers, the company's commitment has long been clear: WiFi. The highest quality sound and the most stable connection with the highest possible bandwidth. If you want a Bluetooth speaker, Sonos is not your brand. This model also does not include any other type of audio connection, neither Jack nor optical cable, all the sound that reaches the speaker will be through the WiFi network of your home. It is only compatible with 2.4GHz networks, which are the ones that have the greatest reach, so although it is missing that the specifications include the 5GHz band, in practice it is not a problem.

On the back we find the only physical button of the device, which you will use to link it to your WiFi network, a very simple process that is done thanks to the Sonos Controller application that you have available in the App Store (link) and that works with both your iPad as with your iPhone. Also an Ethernet connection, in case you want to use the cable instead of WiFi, is the only "hole" you will find to place a cable, except for the obvious power cable that connects to the base of the speaker. This policy of few connections is not welcome by many, but I personally love it, in fact I would even say that the Ethernet cable is left over.

Control from your smartphone

The idea of ​​Sonos is that you control your playback from your mobile device, which is in the vast majority of cases the source of the music we enjoy today. For this we have the Sonos Controller application that allows us to make authentic viguerías with our speakers. They integrate with almost all music services that you can find all over the world, including Spotify and Apple Music. If you want you can even use the application to agglutinate all your services in a single app, and create lists with music on one side and another.

The app allows you to control the reproduction of several speakers, with the same music in all of them, creating groups, or with different music in each one, you decide. Of course you can also control the playback from the Apple Music or Spotify application, or any other, thanks to the compatibility with AirPlay 2, so you will not have any problem if you want to continue using the official app of your favorite streaming music service. AirPlay 2 also brings you compatibility with Siri, being able to use Apple's virtual assistant to control playback of your chosen music on any speaker in the house. It's as if you had a HomePod, although the orders will have to be given to your device with Siri, not directly to the speakers.

Quality as a house brand

There is no need to insist much on the quality of Sonos and its products, both in design, materials and finishes and in the sound they produce. As can be deduced, the Sonos One are below in power and quality of other products of the brand, because for that they are the most affordable, but make no mistake, because their sound is very good. Throughout these years I have been able to try the Sonos Play: 3 (link) and recently in Sonos Play: 5 (link), superior products in sound quality and price that play in another different league, such as HomePod, which also We publish review on the blog (link).

However there is a devastating feature of Sonos that this Sonos One takes full advantage of: modularity. You can buy a pair of Sonos One and link them so that they become a single speaker, and the quality and power of the sound multiply. The Sonos One as a couple are at the level of the HomePod, my ear is not so exquisite as to be able to decide which one is better. The huge advantage of this stereo option is that you can get it when you want to buy another unit later, you don't have to buy both speakers at the same time. It is also a reversible process at any time.

Some even consider using them as HomeCinema, placing a Sonos on each side of the TV. This option does not seem to me to be especially remarkable in these speakers, although I have tried it and the result has pleasantly surprised me. However, they are not speakers designed for this and therefore do not have HDMI or optical connections. It can be used? Of course, you can take advantage of the fact that you have them placed in the living room to also use them as an audio system for your TV, but this is rather casual than a function itself. Sonos has much more suitable options that will offer you better results.

Editor's Opinion

If what you are looking for is simply an AirPlay speaker you have more affordable options, but if you want a quality speaker, compatible with AirPlay 2, which will soon have integrated other virtual assistants such as Google Assistant or Alexa, and that also has the possibility of creating a Sound system throughout the house adding more speakers, then this Sonos One is just what you are looking for. With a single speaker (and much better with two) you can enjoy your music and thanks to AirPlay 2 even control it through Siri. And you can also integrate the streaming service you prefer into your app. It is, without any doubt, an absolutely recommended purchase for any music lover for only € 229 in .

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€ 229

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  • Quality design and sound
  • Modularity
  • Compatible with AirPlay 2 and Siri
  • Application that integrates all music services


  • WiFi or Ethernet connection only

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