Analysis of the Energy Sistem Tower 7, power and style at a good price

Energy Sistem continues to bet on its tower-type devices so that users enjoy their favorite music while also maintaining their philosophy of offer all kinds of connections, a classic wooden design, sufficient power and a good price. With all these ingredients he has just presented his new sound tower “Energy Tower 7 True Wireless”.

With 100W of power, All kinds of inputs, FM radio, Bluetooth 5.0 and the possibility of using another tower to create a surround sound system, this new speaker is an excellent option for those who want to enjoy their music without other complications such as virtual assistants. We have tried it and we tell you our impressions.

A classic design that is still valid

Is there anything more classic than speakers with the wooden box? That's what they must have thought of Energy Sistem, and this Energy Tower 7 maintains the style of its predecessors. A column of more than one meter high and more than 7 kg of weight that you can place in any corner of the house. Its construction is very solid, with the box connections very well finished and that dark color that looks good anywhere without attracting much attention.

Following the guidelines of this classic style, the speakers of this sound tower are distributed, with controls located at the top that go unnoticed. In this model we have no tactile controls but physical buttons of those of a lifetime, without lighting or other unnecessary ornaments, something that I personally prefer in a device like this. The classic playback controls, brightness, Bluetooth link and on, as well as a part specifically dedicated to supporting our smartphone or tablet from which we are playing the sound. Of course the remote control cannot be missing with the necessary controls for reproduction.

In the back we find all kinds of connections. At a time when it seems that connections are prohibited, Energy Sistem wants you to use the sound source you want, and that's why you have since a 3.5mm Jack input to a USB port to play music from a USB memory, microSD card slot and even RCA input and output. In addition you should not worry about the battery of your iPhone or iPad, because it has a USB port to charge it. Finally we found the connection for the antenna cable, because yes, this tower has FM Radio.

Finally and to top off this commitment to lifelong systems, this tower It has analog controls for the treble and bass, allowing the user to decide how he wants to listen to his music. In fact, it is essential to adjust these controls because, at least this unit, completely changed the sound once I placed them to my liking. There we can also find a switch for the complete on and off of the unit and the connection of the cable for the plug. As luminous elements we will only find a small display at the top that indicates the type of connection we are using, and a white light right at the base that gives a special touch.

100W of power that perform as they should

Energy Tower 7 has 100W of total power distributed in two full-range 20W speakers, a subwoofer located at the bottom of the tower with 50W of power and a silk dome tweeter located at the top with 10W. With these specifications and the tower itself that makes a sound box the sound we get it is more than enough to fill a large room, or even outdoors. The sound quality is good if we consider its power and the price of the speaker, with powerful bass and no distortion when the volume rises more than necessary.

The Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity also offers a good connection, stable and without any type of cut even if you move with your iPhone around the room and surroundings. Product specifications speak of 40 meters of reach with this connection, but in a house with walls and other obstacles, you will not be able to get too far from it because the connection will be cut. In my tests I had no problems being in the rooms next to the room, but as I moved further away, the connection began to suffer, something logical.

And if you want more power always you can get another sound tower and link them wirelessly to create a unified system with surround sound. This link is made easily between both speakers as indicated by the manufacturer, although having a single unit we have not been able to verify it.

Editor's Opinion

With more than one meter high and 100W of power, this Energy Tower 7 True Wireless offers us a good way to enjoy our music with all kinds of connections and at a very tight price. Its classic wooden design and very good finishes complete a speaker that although it has a good sound for its price, it has an aspect that is above it. The manual controls and the huge variety of connections available will be a dream for those who hate the current trend of manufacturers to simplify the loudspeakers to the maximum depending on a mobile application or automatic calibration. Its price is € 139 on Amazon (link)

  • Editor rating
  • 4 star rating

€ 139


  • Good design and good finishes
  • Remote control
  • All kinds of tickets
  • Manual controls for treble and bass
  • Possibility to use another tower connected wirelessly


  • Not compatible with AirPlay

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