And after the map fiasco, Apple began to launch public betas

Have you ever wondered why Apple started launching public betas of its operating systems? The problems between those of Cupertino and Google for the copy of iOS caused Apple to start treating those of Mountain View as one more. To do this they had to remove two applications that up to iOS 5 had installed by default: YouTube and Google Maps. The problem was that Apple maps They didn't start with a good footing.

What was the solution to that problem? Well, initially, Tim Cook had to recommend alternative applications, such as Waze, but they also took another step: start throwing public betas so that any user could help improve the maps and the rest of the iOS operating system, something Steve Jobs would never have allowed. This was recognized by Eddy Cue, Senior Vice President of Software and Services, in an interview with Fast Company. The first public beta launched was that of iOS 8.3 in early 2014.

If you like to try iOS betas, thank it to Apple Maps fiasco

We made significant changes throughout our development process through the Maps. For all of us who live in Cupertino, the maps here were very good, right? That is why the problem was not obvious to us. We were never able to take it to a large number of users to receive that feedback. Now we do it.

Cue says that Apple's maps were tested internally, but that their engineers did not test in an area large enough to allow them to anticipate errors or information losses. To make up for these shortcomings, Apple had to sign agreements with other companies, such as TomTom. On the other hand, there were very few people working on the project, when Google had hundreds on Google Maps and thousands of location specialists.

It must be recognized that since then it has rained a lot. Apple maps are almost a guarantee, but in my opinion they still have to improve something: their searches. I have tested their maps in moderately remote areas and they are reliable, but we still have to be precise when conducting searches – for example, sometimes you have to put the name of the streets in the language of the area – in order to find an address . When they get this, maybe we can start saying that Apple has put their maps up to Google Maps. Until then, what we can say is that we can install public betas ahead of time.

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