Apple already works on an iPhone with real wireless charging

Tim Cook recently made statements that I think we will repeat until we see something (if we see it) that matches his description: “we will throw things and you will not understand how you could live without them". What did he mean? It is impossible to know, but some of us think it could refer to the real wireless charging, that is, not a load on which we have to rest the device on a surface, if we cannot charge it at a certain distance.

So far, the only device in the apple that is charged without wires is the Apple watch, but you have to lean on your charger to refuel. This makes sense in such a small device that it is difficult to add ports, but it does not make much sense in mobile devices. And many of us think that what is the use of an induction charge if we have to leave the mobile phone stopped? Rumors say that Apple will not launch an iPhone with wireless charging until it manages to do it remotely, and rumors have gained strength with the recent hiring made by Cupertino.

Apple hires staff specializing in real wireless charging

In the last two months, two engineers specialized in wireless charging and ultrasonic technology who worked to uBeam They have become part of the Apple team. But these are Apple's last two signings in this regard; In the past two years, Tim Cook and company have hired more than a dozen experts in wireless charging.

Bloomberg said earlier this year that Apple was going to launch an iPhone that would be charged remotely in 2017. According to Bloomberg sources, Apple wants to launch a technology that allows us walk through a room while charging the phone all the time, something that personally seems too much to me if we consider that there can be perfectly 5m between the ends of a room. That is precisely what uBeam has been working on.

Apple has registered several patents on this idea. In 2010, the possibility of using a computer as a charging point for several mobile devices was assessed. It is supposed to work at a distance of approximately 90cm, for which he would use something called Near Field Magnetic Resonance. On the other hand, uBeam says he would use ultrasound waves.

Although Bloomberg said he expects to see an iPhone with wireless charging in 2017, I think they were too optimistic. There are other companies, such as Ossia or Energous, who are also working on it, but they have not done any public proof that has shown that their technology works, so all we can think about is that it is not yet ready to see the light.

In any case, everything is possible and while writing this article I can not stop thinking about the supposed iPhone 7 Pro, a device that, according to rumors and leaked information, will have advanced hardware. One of the advanced specifications of the Plus model would be the camera, which seems that little or nothing will have to do with wireless charging, but what about the Smart Connector? We know that the iPad Pro Smart Keyboard is charged from this new port, so maybe the way back can be made. Although, as I say, to me I don't think it's likely that the iPhone 7 / Plus arrives with wireless charging. What if I am wrong?

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