Apple already works with TSMC to manufacture the A11 processor

As we mentioned a few hours ago in the post in which we reported that Foxconn already works in the glass case of the tenth anniversary iPhone, it seems that the rumorology on the iPhone does not have enough to flood us with rumors about the iPhone 7. Today we has talked again about the iPhone of 2017, and that is, according to DigiTimes, Apple already works shoulder to shoulder with TSMC to make the A11 processor.

From the A4, Apple began calling its processors with the letter "A" attached to a number that is increasing every year. In 2017, iOS devices will have to mount the A11, a processor that will be manufactured in a 10nm process. It must be recognized that the 10nm manufacturing process was expected to arrive in 2016, but it has not been possible. Thus, although the A10 will be more efficient than the A9, it will not be as efficient as expected. But it seems that this extra efficiency will arrive on the tenth anniversary iPhone.

The A11 will use InFO and WLP technologies

Another feature that is expected to arrive alongside the iPhone 7 is the waterproof, although this property was also expected in 2016. The iPhone 6s is very waterproof, but it came without IPX7 certification. And if the iPhone presented within about a month is not officially waterproof, it seems that the tenth anniversary iPhone will be, since it will use technology WLP (water-level packaging). On the other hand, the A11 will also use technology InFO.

TSMC is expected to be responsible for manufacturing the A11 in its entirety, but it should not surprise us if Apple takes a step back and also orders other companies as it has been doing in recent years. If so, TSMC would handle about 70% of the orders and Samsung would take care of the remaining 30%.

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