Apple asks Unicode to add another 10 emoji of professions

With the arrival of iOS 10 and Android N, we can start using a good handful of new emoji. Between these new emoji there will be all kinds, such as foods such as paella, new animals, new professions and female versions of some professions that were already available in their male version. But it could soon be available 5 more professions, 10 emoji in total, and Apple would be responsible for these new implementations.

Apple has proposed to Unicode, who is responsible for standardizing this type of emoticons, to add these 5 new professions, which would be artist, astronaut, fireman, judge and pilot. In all cases there would be male version and female version, so they would make a total of 10 new emoji. The Unicode page, which you have available in the translation of the tweet, already includes the proposal.

Apple proposes new emoji of 5 professions

Apple asks for five new professions in emoji: Artist, Firefighter, Pilot, Astronaut, Judge…

If we access the previous website, we see a text that says “Apple has additional proposals: We suggest adding the ZWJ sequences for artist, firefighter, pilot, astronaut and judge, with other proposed sequences as shown below”:

Right now, Unicode has yet to decide whether or not to add Apple's proposals Unicode has already responded and ensures that Apple and other Google proposals will be added in Emoji 4.0. The emoji of professions that will arrive in this new version will be the following (both male and female):

  • Sanitary
  • Judge
  • Pilot
  • Farmer
  • Chef
  • student
  • Singer
  • Artist
  • Teacher
  • Factory worker
  • Technologist
  • Office employee
  • Mechanic
  • Scientific
  • Astronaut
  • Firefighter.

They have already created a drawing of how Apple's proposals might look on operating systems other than iOS or macOS. On the other hand, they also tell us what we can use until the moment they add the new emoji, which is nothing other than the sum of two emoji. For example, for the astronaut we would have to use a male / female face followed by a space rocket or the same by adding a scale (judge), a plane (pilot), the fire truck (fireman) and the paint palette (artist) .

According to Unicode, the new emoji will still take several months to arrive. It is likely that iOS users can use them in a future update and, if we look at releases from past years, their arrival could take place at end of October / beginning of November. In the worst case, Apple usually releases a major update in spring, so these emoji would arrive next spring.

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