Apple blames fake chargers for their battery problems

Apple has just closed an investigation that has been open for several weeks in China, and it is that it was detecting a significant increase in battery failures of iPhone 6 devices, in fact, here we have echoed on occasion of the explosion of these devices that led to the opening of the investigation. Apparently Apple has found the cause of these problems and the company's engineers don't have it, According to the researchers, the exponential increase in the use of “unofficial” chargers in the company's devices is causing these failures in the batteries.

It is true that Apple chargers are expensive, we are not going to fool ourselves, just as Apple cables are not only expensive, but they are also quite weak. On this occasion, the use of an original charger is more than justified, since the safety mechanisms and the quality of the materials used go far beyond what we can find in the famous chargers of third-party Chinese companies that are offered to the public in an infinitely lower price range than we find in official products from Apple.

The team of Appleinsider It has received this morning leaks about these chargers, bought for the ridiculous amount of $ 0.50 in China and that has vitiated the batteries of the devices, so that they ended up shutting down when it still had a 50% or 60% battery . These batteries have suffered charges with connection problems, which has caused an error in the meters and chips included to control the drain of the same. It is not the first controversy about it, Google recently came to the fore to report that the ultra-cheap USB-C cables that we can find on Amazon could cause serious problems on the batteries of Google Pixel devices. Caring for our device means much more than putting a cover on it, and skimping on the battery charge when we have paid up to € 700 for such a phone, it is an illogical and irresponsible attitude, remember to always use MFi devices.

Why are these “fake chargers so dangerous?

On the outside they may seem almost the same, but the secret is inside, as they would say in Telepizza: "The secret is in the dough". And that is where the problem lies, you can buy fake chargers from three euros on Amazon without any worry, the difference sings as soon as you open them. These imitation boots supposedly have certification seals, but many times they are imitations, that do not have any kind of quality guarantee and that can be very expensive, the specialist Ken Shirriff already warned that there is no way that these fake chargers can pass any safety test.

To begin with, they usually have half the output power of the originals, with spikes and alterations when sending the energy that It is what definitely causes battery failure and reading errors when using the device, which ends up causing the iPhone or iPad to shut down when it is supposedly still available.

Most of these chargers do not have the consequent resistance, use less to save on components, but not everything is here, on many other occasions they do not respect the distances between components or include temperature sensors, these sensors are essential for the charger to stop the conduction of electrical energy before a possible excess of temperature and to avoid that the device ends up burning in the act. Therefore, we should all be equally responsible, We found many Belkin or other brands chargers, cheaper than the original Apple but which in turn have MFi certification, which means that Apple fully relies on these devices to be marketed and used. You don't do it just because of the device, but because an explosion could cause irreparable personal damage.

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