Apple can buy Shazam and its music recognition system

From time to time we meet a new small company that has been acquired by Apple, generally names that are completely unknown to most but are key elements in certain aspects in which the company is working. But later on, there is a name known to all that occupies the headlines of all media because Apple pays a million for it.l. So it was with Beats, the well-known brand of headphones and speakers, and it seems that it will end up being with Shazam, the music recognition service.

According to TechCrunch the Cupertino company would be about to announce the acquisition of Shazam for the negligible amount of 400 million dollars, well below the 1 billion dollars in which it was valued only two years ago. What role can Shazam have inside Apple?

It's hard to meet someone who hasn't used Shazam at some time. The music recognition app became famous years ago, to the point that in many commercials the logo of the application appeared to indicate to the viewers that they could use the app to recognize the music that sounded at that time. Since iOS 8 Shazam is integrated into Siri, and you can ask the Apple virtual assistant for the music that plays, and will use this app to identify it.

Shazam use the already famous "Machine Learning" to identify the songs that sound, and this may be the interest of Apple by the company, rather than acquiring a music recognition app. They have been years of experience in this field and a lot of information collected that can help Apple improve this aspect of its operating system. The purchase operation can be announced next week because sources indicate that everything is practically already agreed.

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