Apple excludes Withings from listing of HomeKit compatible devices

Every time Apple gets into a legal battle with some company, a company that offers its products through the different Apple Stores, remove them from your catalog until the dispute is resolved. We have already seen it on previous occasions with Bose and other prestigious brands. However, despite the different legal battles that continue to face the Apple company with Samsung, Apple continues to rely on this company to manufacture some of the components of its devices. As we can see, it has a different bar to measure according to whether they are interested or not.

A few months ago, Nokia sued Apple for the use of patents without checking out, a measure that has already had its consequences for the company, although we could say indirectly, since all the products of the Withings firm, now in the hands of Nokia, do not appear in the list of devices compatible with HomeKit despite using Apple's communication protocol.

In this lysate We can find more than 100 products classified in 15 categories, but in none of them can we find the devices of the French company Withings, a company that will be called Nokia next June, as we informed you a couple of weeks ago. But this has not been the first step that Apple has taken in retaliation, since last December removed all the company's products from the Apple Store online.

Among the products of Withings we find an indoor camera, which detects and warns us of any movement in our house, in a heart rate sensor, a blood pressure monitor, an intelligent scale … Nokia announced last year the purchase of Withing for 192 million dollars, and from June both companies will be integrated by opening a new health research department.

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