Apple expands the color range of the Beats Solo3 Wireless

Apple has been characterized in recent years by entering the world of cases for both iPhone and iPad, offering a large number of colors and finishes to maximize our devices. But in addition, he also wanted to get into the world of fashion, launching his devices in different colors, colors that are increasingly popular.

Every new device that Apple presents, comes to the market with an exclusive color, a color that quickly runs out and the long waiting lists begin to be able to get hold of one. It seems that Apple has caught the taste of this color and the last device that has seen expand its range of colors has been the Beats Solo 3 Wireless.

In the line that Apple has adopted focusing on fashion, the boys of Cupertino have expanded the color range of Beats Solo 3 Wireless, headphones that in addition to being available in satin white, black, gray, pink, red and yellow also they are from now on: alfalto gray, brick red, broken blue and green grass. At the moment these new colors They will only be available in American Apple Stores, Target and John Lewis stores in the United Kingdom.

The new and exclusive range of colors, does not increase the price of headphones, so if you like any of these colors and you have the option of getting them, you will not have to pay any extra. But if color is not a preference for you, you can choose to search Amazon, where they are also available in their original colors, but at a cheaper price than Apple offers us in both physical stores and Apple Stores. These new colors could give us an idea of ​​what Apple has in mind in the next range of colors for the new iPhone.

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