Apple gives us language lessons to pronounce its products

Not only in Spain it seems that we have certain problems to differentiate North American products by name, from Nike to iPhone it can become a real endless tongue twister, my favorite was always the Mc Flurry (Mc Donald's ice cream), it is difficult to find to two people who pronounce it the same way. Although this time we will focus on another assumption, that of plurals, and that is Phil Schiller, Apple’s Vice President of Marketing, he doesn't like anything that users and media pluralize Apple devices, that is, let's forget about iPhones, to move on to iPhone.

Certainly I am one of those found at the crossroads, when I started publishing on this website, and on other Apple-themed ones, I found that many headlines focused on Apple devices in the plural, and there was never consensus among the editors, there are those who talk about "the iPhones", those who talk about "the iPhone", or like me, which I use one or the other depending on the day I had at work. So that, the controversy is served, despite the fact that Phil Schiller intended to justify and end it, what he has done has been to enliven her.

On his Twitter, Apple's VP of Marketing has indicated that we should not pluralize Apple devices, that is, we should say “I have several MacBook“, And forget the "I have several MacBooks". Honestly, it seems good to me that this man wants to delimit the uses of his language, but he should not forget that he sells all over the world, and that perhaps the grammar rules of certain countries prevent not pluralizing a noun. In our case, we will continue to use the one we like the most, and I recommend that you, dear readers, continue doing the same. Because the purpose of a language is to communicate, not hinder communications.

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