Apple launch an iPhone with curved OLED screen in 2017

Many rumors are circulating on the iPhone that will be presented in about three weeks, but no less they are circulating on the 10th anniversary iPhone. According to many sources, the 2017 iPhone will come with interesting news, especially in terms of its design. The bad thing is that, according to Nikkei and although it would not surprise us too much, Apple would be planning to launch three iPhone models next year, but only one of them would arrive with the long-awaited OLED screen.

What comes to us from Japan is a story that seems that we have already lived: Apple would launch three mobile phones and one of them would be what we have known this year as Pro. The difference is that the iPhone 7 Pro, a phone that seems not is going to reach the market, was chosen to have the camera with two lenses, while the iPhone 8 Special Edition, or as they decide to call it, would arrive with the main novelty of an OLED screen curve on both sides, which reminds us very much of the Edge devices that Samsung has launched in recent years.

Another source that ensures that the iPhone will use OLED screen in 2017

If I have to be honest, I would be surprised if Apple launched a device with a feature so similar to that of a direct rival. I'm more inclined to think that Tim Cook and his team they will throw something that is not left alone at the edges, something similar to a patent on an iPhone with an enveloping screen that had been awarded for years and whose concept you can see in the previous image.

Nikkei also says that the iPhone with a curved screen that will arrive in 2017 will have a larger screen than the current Plus model, reaching up to 5.8 inches. Meanwhile, the other two models would have the same screen as the current models, that is, a flat screen of 4.7 for the normal model and 5.5 inches for the Plus model.

I don't know if Nikkei will be right or not, but if they launch two flat devices in 2017, will they use the same design as the iPhone 7 for those models? If so, we could say that the iPhone 6 design would last for 4 years, which seems a lot to me. What do you think?

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