Apple launches iOS 11.3.1 to solve the problems of unofficial screens

A few weeks ago, we echoed the typical news that we usually publish every year and that is always related to Apple's third-party screens. Although the company never acknowledges that it does so intentionally, all versions of iOS that it launches, they have a code that recognizes if the screen, or any other device of the terminal has been replaced by a non-original one.

At that moment, the terminal stops working turning into a brick whose only solution goes through a simple update that Apple launches when the controversy has jumped. This year, Apple could not miss his appointment and again implemented the same tactic. As in previous years, once it jumps it is scandal, it releases the corresponding update that prevents third-party screens from stopping to work. This is the main and only novelty of iOS 11.3.1.

If you are one of the users who has been affected by this Apple craze, and who has turned your iPhone into a paperweight, you are in luck, because after installing this update, the touch input of the iPhone that have undergone a replacement of screen They will work normally again.

This problem is more serious than it seems, since in the United States, several states want to promote a law that allows all users repair your devices at any technical service, so in the case of Apple, I would see how that important source of income is greatly reduced.

In the update notes, Apple informs us that using non-original replacement screens can affect the image quality and not work properly, and if we want to maintain the warranty, the terminal always has to be repaired by authorized centers what They use original Apple parts.

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