Apple may have its own credit card for 2019

The steps that Apple is taking with Apple Pay made this rumor inevitably appear sooner rather than later, and finally the first news has jumped with some foundation that could make us think that we will soon have an Apple credit card on our iPhone. As published by 9to5Mac, Apple would be in negotiations with Goldman Sachs to get its own credit card.

According to the same publication, the negotiations are still at an early stage of development but are already taking place, and it seems that as soon as next year we could see that Apple card ready to use on our mobile devices through Apple Pay. All the information below.

First with the appearance of Apple Pay and then with Apple Pay Cash, everything indicated that Apple was going to end up having a credit card. It seems that it would not only be a conventional credit card but would include special advantages to use in Apple stores, such as possible discounts and even the obtaining of instant credits when buying a device. According to the sources that have revealed these conversations with Goldman Sachs, it could be a card that could only be used with Apple Pay, so that only the owners of an iPhone could get it, something that keeps all logic with Apple's philosophy.

The card would be launched in a first phase limited to the United States, and we don't know the details about its possible expansion. If the rumors indicate 2019 as the year for the launch, those who are outside the US territory will surely have to wait patiently for them to leave their borders, if they ever leave. We will be attentive to the movements that are giving these negotiations because surely there will be more news about it in the coming weeks.

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