Apple on the hunt for a place to develop the Apple Car

The Apple Car, that car that we do not know if it will be autonomous, intelligent, electric or imaginary, but that will carry the Apple brand by flag. Certainly we still do not fit into a logical environment why Apple wants to enter the world of automotive, it seems that Tim Cook has a strange philia for Elon Musk, the King of electric cars. Apple is definitely serious about its vehicle and You are looking for a space large enough to continue working on your Apple Car. Arduous task, it seems that it is not so easy to find a place that meets the stipulated requirements, requirements that we tell you below.

According to reports from Wjs, one of the largest real estate companies in San Francisco, about the fact that Apple is looking for land of around 800,000 feet to expand its electric vehicle project. The CEO of this company, Victor Coleman, has spoken about the requirements that Apple has imposed for its search, which does not seem easy.

We help Toyota, Tesla and Mercedes find a suitable place. Right now Ford is on our search list too to find a place to sit. Not to mention the 400,000 feet that Google needs to develop its autonomous car and the 800,000 feet that Apple is looking for its Apple Car.

The space is extremely large, but of course, apparently Titan Project has already involved more than 600 people, employees who will need their work and development environment, as staff will gradually increase over time if the project progresses well. Apparently Apple is already testing prototypes of the car parts in BMW factories, which is positioning itself as a potential manufacturer of this Apple Car. Apple has taken a liking to design things that other brands manufacture, and if it manufactures it BMW, of course it won't be cheap at all.

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