Apple patents a folding iPhone with flexible display

Just read the headline and look at the image that tops this post, it is not that we can say that Apple's latest patent presents us with a very original concept. It would be a Folding iPhone with flexible OLED display that it would bend in a similar way to what the shell terminals did, something that Cupertino's would have been working on for years.

Published today Tuesday, this patent has received the name of “Flexible display devices”And describes a folding iPhone that could be folded thanks to several flexible components, the most important of these being its OLED screen and metal structure. On the other hand, the device described in this patent would use nitinol, a nickel and titanium alloy primarily known for its elasticity.

Apple has been working on a folding iPhone for years

Seeing this second image it is already understood that what Apple wants to do is not a phone like the shell type. Apple's proposal would allow its foldable iPhone it will bend right and backwards, that is, we could leave the screen on the inside to protect it or we could leave the screen on the outside, which would result in something like an iPhone with two screens. On the other hand, Apple also values ​​the option of joining two or more of these devices, which could result in a larger screen configuration or allow us to unleash our imagination.

Given how current mobile devices are and the design in which Apple is betting on its iPhone, I find it difficult to imagine those of Cupertino presenting an iPhone as described in this short-term patent, but I would not rule out that we saw this patent made reality in the future. In fact, I (and I suppose everyone) would like to have a small device many times and other times I prefer a large iPhone, something that could be solved with a folding device. How do you see it? Can you imagine this patent come true for the 10th anniversary iPhone?

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