Apple patents suggest you are thinking about the iPod Watch again

Last week, the United States Patent and Trademark Office published two of Apple's latest registered trademarks for the operating system of its smart watches, watchOS. The first brand was presented in the international Class 9 framework, which basically covers the hardware, while the second one presented in International Class 42, which covers programming and software systems. On September 30, 2016, Apple made a request in Hong Kong that was addressed for ‘iPod’ devices; At first it might have seemed that it was probably just a renewal request. However, it was not the only one that was presented in respect to the traditional class 9 for hardware, but was presented for class 14; For watches. Why would Apple file a patent registration in this class at this time in the history of the iPod?

The passing madness that led them to think of an iPod watch does not hold a long past. It started around 2011 and soon became extinct. It was a clock similar to Apple Watch, but based on the iPod screen and with straps available in a wide range of colors. These straps were similar to those currently used by Apple Watch Sport.

Sometimes there is no reason why Apple's log files for one of its brands are made in odd ratings and crazy descriptions that can lead to confusion with things such as electric socks. Products that have no relationship with the final Apple product at all. However, in this case, it was presented and on purpose in a single classification that specifically focused on watches. There is no possibility of an error. Of course, we can think that it is a scenario that Apple creates to give itself a layer of protection and that it is a fact that does not go beyond. We must also think that Apple could be seriously reconsidering the iPod nano watch as a new line of smart watch, which at the outset could incorporate colored bands with emphasis and relationship to the world of music.

For now, it is something interesting to keep in mind if Apple does not go out by tangent soon with a similar product and that so much surprise can cause a priori. Below we transcribe the Apple application that he submitted in Hong Kong and to which we refer.

The Apple's application filed in Hong Kong for ‘iPod’ was made for International Class 14 covering the following: “watchmaking and chronometric instruments; clocks; clocks; Clocks; chronographs for use as watches, stopwatches, watch straps, wristbands, watch boxes, watches, and watches and chronometric instruments; parts of watches, clocks and watches and chronometric instruments; and jewelry. "

Apple RTM certificate for ‘watchOS’

Apple registered trademark for the first time with certificate 5.061.202 for watchOS, which is covered by the International class 9 which covers the following: “Computers; peripheral devices equipment; sound recording and player, MP3 and other audio players in digital format; Global positioning system (GPS), wireless communication of voice, data or image transmission devices; software; electronic equipment and games. "

Trademarks registered by Apple for the second time, with certificate 5,061,203 for watchOS, which is covered by the international class 42 which covers the following: “Computer programming; design and development of hardware and software; hardware and software consulting services, technical support and consulting services for the development of computer systems, databases and applications, providing online information hardware or software, the provision of non-downloadable online software; information, advice and consulting services related to all of the aforementioned. "

Apple, for now, works only in a line of smart watches, with different ranges within the same brand: Apple Watch. According to what has been seen, it is not ruled out that the Cupertino company launches a second line, perhaps under another brand, related to iPods.

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