Apple Pay Cash may arrive in Europe imminently

Apple Pay Cash has been running for almost a year, but only in the United States. This system of payments between people that you will use iMessage as a platform to send and receive money, a system that promises to be a very comfortable way to make payments between people, but its removal outside the US country is waiting.

However, new indications seem to indicate that its debut in different European countries could be imminent, as not only the possibility of configuring Apple Pay Cash on the iPhone and Apple Watch of many users outside the United States appears, but also Apple is already enabling the respective support pages on the websites of those countries, among them Spain.

This is what we can see right now. if we access the Apple Pay Cash page for Spain through this link. It is not the American page translated into Spanish, but that of Spain, so, although the images with the dollar sign still appear, and among the requirements the need to reside in the United States is still visible, it could be a phase very preliminary in which the translation has not yet adapted to each country.

It is not the first time that this release is rumored. On previous occasions it has been limited to the sudden appearance of the Apple Pay configuration screen on the iPhone of some users, something that is easily achieved by changing the region in the system configuration. However, it is the first time that Apple itself includes support information for Apple Pay in countries outside the United States.. At the moment there are signs of a possible launch in Spain, Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, Italy and some other countries. There seems to be no evidence on the websites of Mexico or other Latin American countries.

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