Apple raises the price of iPhone in India

India has been for many months and inexplicably a whim of the Cupertino company We just didn't understand It is clear that they have seen the same reef as in the Chinese market thanks to its incipient middle class (which is still remarkably low), however, it seems that they do not finish getting the results they expected to achieve.

This is how after huge campaigns, price drops and government problems, Apple has chosen to raise the price of all iPhone models present in India, a fact that says much of the success reaped in the Asian country.

And it is that the Indian Government announced that next week would proceed to implement a new rate of 50% on the PVP to those terminals that come from import, in this case we should know that the vast majority is manufactured in China. This is how they intend to capture some clientele in the form of assembly factories for their country, and they may succeed, since the iPhone SE (the only one not affected by the price increase) to give an example, is the only Cupertino terminal manufactured in the Asian country, or at least assembled in its assembly plants.

This is how an iPhone X happens to cost no less than $ 1646 in total, and up to $ 1,237 that costs an iPhone 8 base. The reality is that the Indian government is betting heavily on its economy, it will not let companies like Apple take a cut without taking their share, and we can fully understand. We remember that much of the success that caused the iPhone 6 was precisely because of its arrival in another Asian giant, China, where it became the fashion terminal and one of the best sellers in the history of smart telephony, can with India?

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