Apple reduces the delivery time of AirPods to 2-3 weeks

Since its arrival in the market last December, the stock of AirPods has been very limited worldwide, offering a 6-week availability since its launch, an availability that has lasted practically 8 months. But it seems that throughout this month of August, the Cupertino boys have managed to find the necessary key to finally reduce the supply problems of this device. Virtually since its launch, Tim Cook has claimed to do everything possible to reduce this deadline, but it seems that until the beginning of August he and the manufacturer have not been able to reduce their manufacturing and distribution time.

This month of August it seems that Apple has hit the key, since earlier this month, we inform you of the reduction in the shipping time from 6 weeks to 4, and a couple of weeks later the estimated shipping time has been reduced again to 2-3 weeks. At the last financial results conference, Tim Cook said they were working to expand the manufacturing capacity of the AirPods, a job that finally seems to have paid off.

Although the almost initial availability of AirPods has always been 6 weeks, From time to time and sporadically, physical stores have received occasional drops AiPod, AirPods that as expected have quickly sold. This reduction in the shipping time coincides that the expansion in the number of shops that also offer these devices, trade that had stopped offering them in their catalog after seeing how the expected time for shipping was fixed in the 6 weeks. Hopefully Apple will continue to reduce shipping time until we can finally buy them overnight, but it seems to me that until we get to that option there is still a lot of time.

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