Apple repairs for free the devices of users affected by Hurricane Harvey

A few days ago, the forces of nature made a presence again in American territory, something that unfortunately has become commonplace. Many have been the people who have seen each other affected by Hurricane Harvey that has left behind a large number of victims and property damage.

Apple has collaborated with reconstruction and victims donating 3 million dollars, one million of which corresponds to Apple users who have made donations through the American Red Cross. But it seems that it is not the only movement of the company in this regard, since a large number of readers of 9to5Mac claim that it is repairing the devices affected by the disaster or that they have suffered some impact during the rescue tasks completely free of charge.

Although Apple is one of the companies that offers the best after-sales treatment in the world, sometimes they catch a burning nail so as not to cover the possible damages that can be found in a terminal, as is the example of the damages caused by the water, something that in no case is it covered by the guarantee, but that on this occasion, the boys of Cupertino have decided to ignore, at least in all the users that reside in the areas affected by the passage of Hurricane Harvey.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott says the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey, initially they could be much worse than those caused by Katrina in New Orleans 12 years ago. The damage caused by Katrina amounted to 120 billion dollars, but according to the first estimates, Harvery may have left damages worth up to 180 billion dollars. Hurricane Harvey has killed at least 47 people and more than 43,000 people have been evacuated. Most of the evacuees were in areas that are currently completely flooded by water.

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