Apple starts assuming Beddit customer support

The control over all physical activities What we do in our day to day is increasingly important. We are seeing it with all the smartwatches in addition to the other accessories with which we can track our physical activity to know what is happening to us during our day to day. Our iPhone is also an excellent tool for this thanks to sensors that includes, and we are seeing how Apple is also giving great importance especially with the launch of HealthKit.

And following his interest in health, in May Apple took over the company Beddit, a company that markets one of the best sleep sensors, sensor that is also installed in our bed to have the most reliable data. Manzana has been making internal movements within the company and now just assume customer support. After the jump we give you all the details ..

As we say, the first thing the Cupertino boys have done for the end user is start offering technical supportthat is now if you have any problem we will have to contact Apple directly and therefore it will be these who tell us how to solve any problem we have. Great news because if you have any of the Beddit sensors you will have the great Apple technical support, this includes any changes due to malfunction.

A great extra device for our iDevices that I will surely end up adding functions to the health app in the future, that is to say, I don't think it takes time to add support for the sleep tracking directly in the Apple watch in a near time. We will see the precedent that sows the Beddit sleep tracking system in Apple, for now the technical support is already a breakthrough.

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