Apple starts testing the 5G band for its projects

This is one of those news that may seem “advanced” in time for those who see even how in some parts of our city it is difficult to have the iPhone, iPad or iPod 4G LTE coverage. But we are not so far behind in this regard and 5G has been tested for some time in some companies, although the failures in our coverage is something that will continue to happen to many of us and it is not precisely because of Apple, nor much less.

What the Cupertino guys are testing on some devices right now is 5G technology and for this the FCC has ceded one of its licenses so that all this network speed is put to the test by Apple and begins to work with it for its possible implementation. Some technology companies have already performed this type of tests with 5G networks and it is that for some time they have been granted annual licenses to verify their operation.

The speed rates of this 5G reach 10 Gb / s and they certainly offer spectacular bandwidth. On the other hand it is evident that this is simply evidence and it is necessary that the operators together with all the infrastructure of our cities, towns and others, be compatible with it, something that we may not see too soon unfortunately.

In any case, the important thing in this is that Apple itself directly tests the most advanced networks in terms of transfer speed and that it is preparing for the next generations of devices. All this makes Apple can see and check all the details of the new 5G technology that some already say would serve among other things to use it together with the software they are preparing in the Titan project – yes that of the autonomous car – in addition to the other devices, Y for this they have a period of 12 months that just started today.

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