Apple was able to buy Imagine Entertainment to offer its own content

Just yesterday, Mark Gurman wrote an article about Apple TV 4 in which he stoked Apple for not having fulfilled his promise to have changed the rules of the game as far as television is concerned. They may not have succeeded, but they have been working to offer original content that could contribute to that change, as published by the Financial Times by reporting that Tim Cook and company negotiated with Ron Howard on a possible attempt to acquire Imagine Entertainment.

Financial Times ensures that negotiations took place and were even important enough so that Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, and Eddy Cue, Vice President of Internet software and services, attended the meetings. But it seems that there was no agreement and that the negotiations "vanished."

Imagine Entertainment was Apple's goal

The conversations were serious enough to involve Tim Cook, Apple's chief executive, and Eddy Cue, its senior vice president of internet software and services. The talks included a preview of a possible Imagine movie and TV show distribution deal, as well as an Apple investment – or even a purchase. But, like many other potential Apple-related businesses, the negotiations vanished.

Apple will start offering exclusive content from this year. The first programs that will broadcast, if there are no surprises, will be a version of Carpool Karaoke, where there will be celebrities inside a car singing and doing all kinds of (supposedly) interesting and interesting things Planet of the Apps, a reality in which there will be famous coaches and developers working on their own applications (which personally does not interest me in the least).

In any case, the only thing that demonstrates this information published in the Financial Times is that Apple intends to do something, but we cannot know what until it is done. Personally, I hope that, when the time comes, what they offer is something better than Planet of Apps.

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