Apple's augmented reality glasses patent

Rumors that Apple is working on augmented reality glasses They have been growing in recent times and a recently published patent application shows how the same approach could be adapted to both the phone's screen and smart glasses. The patent also describes how the two devices could be used together.

This set is particularly useful when using a head-mounted screen that functions as a camera and screen. For example, the head screen is a screen that shows video and through which you can see (Head Mounted Display – HMD). It is generally not possible for the user to touch the head-mounted screen in the same way that it can be done with a touch screen. However, the camera that captures the image of the real environment can also be used to detect image positions of the user's finger on the image. The image positions of the user's finger could be equivalent to touching the points with the user's finger on a touch screen.

The first news that we had in March that Apple was pointing out that there would be new possibilities of augmented reality on the iPhone before later on launch of smart glasses. With a leaked document later, what is confirmed is that the company has gone far in the project, as well as to make test units, prototypes a reality.

These reports have been made public because an analyst suggested the possibility behind them was the two hundred million dollar investment made by Apple at a glass supplier, Corning, which is also responsible for the Gorilla glass used in iPhones.

The published patent was now the work of the software developer Augmented Reality Metaio, which Apple acquired in May. A large number of its patents have already been assigned to Apple, including a previous use of augmented reality that was projected for interior design and its use in animated movie posters.

published by Patently Apple, the recently published patent illustrates augmented reality being used both in a smartphone only and in a hybrid approach in which the augmented images appear on both devices, both in smart glasses and smartphone. The idea is that the user can use the phone to interact with the images seen on the glasses' glasses.

The mobile device may execute an action related to at least one point of interest if at least part of the computer generated virtual object on the glass screen of the glasses is within the range of a user's finger or the device itself while The user is the one who holds it.

The patent was filed this year, last April. However, so far it has not been made public and has not seen the light. As always, it is worth noting that there are Apple patents on all types of technology; Thousands of patents may come out to the public light that will never reach the market. However, the fact that this Apple patent has been published and discovered gives hope to users and investors that Apple will soon take some new augmented reality glasses that reach all consumers. The augmented reality technology is now used only by some applications and games, but it is not taking full advantage of it. Apple, at the forefront of technology could thus add a new product to its family of smart devices and open, in the market, a new gap between the giant of Cupertino and its competition … if they do not anticipate Tim Cook, Clear.

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