Apple's failure will have to wait

Despite the efforts of many analysts and supposed experts in the field, Apple's failure will have to wait at least another quarter. Months rumored about the failure of the iPhone X and its bad sales that would have caused Apple to slow down the production of components. Even Samsung talked about the bad sales of the iPhone screen that she makes, but the data does not deceive and Apple has just presented the best second quarter of its history.

The company has published results that leave little doubt: excellent iPhone sales, good iPad sales, stable Mac sales and spectacular improvement of the category “Services” and “Others” where sales of Apple Watch, AirPods and HomePod are included. We give you all the details below.

The iPhone is unstoppable. Although it seemed that the most successful smartphone in history could have hit a ceiling a few quarters ago, Apple's strategy to diversify its product by offering many more purchase options seems a success. 52.2 million iPhone units sold, a figure that manages to be the second best “second quarter” in Apple's history, only surpassed by the second quarter of 2015, when Apple launched the iPhone 6 Plus and also entered China. In the words of Tim Cook, the iPhone X has been the best-selling smartphone by Apple every week of this quarter, leaving behind the other models. Where do analysts get these reports? Once again their predictions are in a bad place, but they will continue to generate news.

Mac sales practically remain stable with a minimal drop if we compare them with the same quarter last year, but if we look at the trend of the last quarters it is clear that the computer market is not going through its best moment, and although Apple manages to remain stable, It shows why the company is more focused on its mobile platforms than on the Mac. The iPad continues with its slight recovery that began last quarter and although it is far from its best, the strategy of creating cheaper models seems to be working. These results do not yet include sales of the new iPad 2018, we will have to wait to see the impact it has in the next quarter.

The growth of two of the most important categories in recent years is added to the good numbers of the iPhone: Services and Others. Services includes the income obtained by iCloud, Apple Music, iTunes and the App Store, among others, and exceed 9,000 million dollars business, a record that exceeds 2,000 million in the same quarter last year. In the Others category we include sales of Apple Watch, AirPods and even HomePod, and this quarter has touched the 4,000 million dollars in revenue, when during the same quarter of the previous year it did not reach 3,000 million.

The figures clear all doubts about iPhone sales and the company's future, which continues to break records when we talk about economic data. Still we will continue talking about the supposed crisis of Apple, how badly the iPhone is sold and the failure of its new products, such as HomePod. This is life.

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