Approve or reject "Family" purchases with Request purchase

In Familia it offers us a great way to share the account with our family and in this sense we must give a little freedom of shopping to family members who are within the same account, even if it is always you who has the last word. In this case we will see how to approve or refuse purchases of In Family with Request purchase.

For this we have to be clear that this is focused on the little ones at home, since in all cases the organizer is the person in charge of approving or not the operation and this involves purchases in the iTunes Store, iBooks Store or App Store, purchases within the app itself or storage in iCloud.

To activate it obviously we have to have an active Family account and this is done from Settings> "our name"> Configure "Family. From iOS 10.2 or earlier, click on Settings> iCloud> Configure "Family". Once we have it, we can activate the option Activate Request purchase.

How to Activate Request purchase

This is very simple and is designed so that children under 18 to your In Family group and with this what is achieved is that they cannot make purchases without our permission, since they are using our account. A detail to keep in mind is that if we deactivate Request the purchase for a relative who is already 18 years of age or older, then we will not be able to activate it again so you can install, download and make purchases autonomously.

To activate it we simply have to click on Settings> our name> As a family> Request the purchase. In this section we will see the name of all the family members we have listed in Family Members who You can have up to 6 participants. Also from this section we can configure other shared functions such as: Share Shopping, Apple Music, Storage in iCloud or Share location.

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