Beat Fever, a musical game that I had before

We return with another garveor by the iOS App Store looking interesting games and applications that allow you to get the most out of your iPhone and iPad. The musical applications were quite popular a few years ago, there were some that had reaped incredible success over time, however, they were falling for fast strategy games and puzzle derivatives.

That's why today we bring you something different, Beat Fever is a musical game with which we can play the most popular melodies and have fun along the way. The important thing about the game is that it is easy to use and has some social characteristics that will keep us more entertained.

We can play the most successful songs of the panorama, although many of them will be in "short" version, we can also access the extended versions. CAs with many other games, it has a subscription model and also micro-payments, but the reality is that it is impossible to find any decent application or game that lacks this type of Take out rooms. Obviously, the game has different difficulties, as well as its own system of avatars that we can customize so that we have a more individualized or personalized experience.

The game weighs nothing less than 241MB, the reality is that it seems quite a lot if we consider the type of game that it is, but the music and the animations are constant in it. HeIt will be compatible with any iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that has an iOS 8.0 version or higher, so that generally we will not find difficulties to execute it wherever we want. He is reaping good reviews on the App Store and has sneaked between the free hits, its simplistic mechanics and the rhythm of the music have made it reach many devices.

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