Bento Stack, an Apple accessory case based on Japanese lunch boxes

Lately, platform-based campaigns of crowdfunding They are gaining strength. More and more products are coming out of them. And one of the most recent is Bento Stack. The Function 101 company wanted to recreate the popular Japanese fiambreas in a perfect case to transport all our Apple accessories.

One of the most outstanding features of this type of lunchboxes known as Bento, is that they can be modular and with different compartments to get a good daily ration of food. Well, based on this concept, Bento Stack is born, a case in the form of a Japanese lunch box that will allow us to store, in a completely orderly manner, all the accessories that we need to take with us.

Bento Stack consists of 4 floors that you can overlap. In these spaces you will have space for be able to carry the chargers of the iPhone, Apple Watch, and even the laptop (MacBook or MacBook Pro). In addition, the best of these larger compartments is that they have dividers that you can place according to your needs, in case the accessories they carry are more bulky than usual.

Also, since Function 101 they have also thought that it would be interesting to bet on departments to take with us some different straps of the Apple Watch. This is interesting because, for example, if we are working and we usually wear a suit, we will surely bet on a more formal belt and we will put aside the Sport Bands. While if after the work day we go to the gym, it would be interesting not to damage the leather straps (159 euros that cost).

Meanwhile, on the last tray, Bento Stack has a cavity for the Apple Pencil, one of the accessories that always goes well with us if we deal with many PDF documents in the iPad Pro and we need to take notes on them. Or, on the contrary, if you are an artist and want to work with sketches.

After far exceeding the funding goal, Bento Stack can now be achieved at a price of $ 39 (about 33 euros at the current exchange rate) – plus shipping. And the first units They are being sent this month of December 2017.

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