Beoplay P6, the Bang & Olufsen speaker compatible with Siri

The speaker sector that can be used with virtual assistants is being collapsed by the different brands of the sector. Although we already have a good string of alternatives, one of the most attractive models on the market is, without a doubt, the Apple HomePod. And that seems to be that sales are not being expected – Siri's apology? However, other brands do not stop trying to take a piece of cake. And the last to arrive is Bang & Olufsen with its Beoplay P6.

If there is something we really like about HomePod, it is its design. Apple knows how to attract the attention of its customers with attractive products that attract the attention of the public, and in this way get more sales. And Bang & Olufsen pulls this last path: that of irresistible design. its Beoplay P6 is a piece that will look good wherever you put it: high quality materials (anodized aluminum and leather); rounded shapes; and compatible with virtual assistants.

The Bang & Olufsen Beoplay P6 is a speaker that you can carry anywhere: it weighs only one kilogram and has an integrated leather strap that will make it easier for you to carry it on. Also, inside it has a 2,600 milliamps capacity battery that will provide you, according to the company, 16 hours of audio With a moderate audio volume. In addition, charging will be done through a USB-C port and you will complete a cycle in just three hours.

The Beoplay P6 works with Bluetooth 4.2 technology. You can connect any device (computer, mobile, tablet) or even a second wireless speaker and thus achieve stereo sound. On the other hand, at the top we will have the speaker controls and one of those buttons called «OneTouch» will invoke both Apple's personal assistant (Siri) and Google's assistant (Assistant). We must also indicate that the Beoplay P6 has an integrated microphone that in addition to being able to capture voice cmendao, it can also function as hands-free when connecting to our smartphone.

Now, the worst part comes. Exactly, the price. Bang & Olufsen is not characterized by being especially cheap. And this Beoplay P6 will cost you 399 euros. You can find it in black or silver and will reach the markets this April.

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