Beware of the chargers you buy, 99% can be dangerous

There are very few days left before we celebrate Christmas and what better way to make gifts related to the Apple world. No, we don't have to spend half a salary on giving away an iPhone, we can always give some occasional accessory that will surely make you look forward, and we will not always have to spend a large amount of money buying accessories manufactured by the Cupertino boys themselves, but be careful with choosing fake things …

And is that if we search online, and in some other physical store, we will find a wide range of non-original accessories that can be much cheaper than those manufactured by Apple or those with MFI (Made For iPhone) certificate, that yes you know that cheap is expensive … Now it's a UK labs that have proven that 99% of fake chargers sold through the internet are dangerous …

In the study conducted by National Trading Standards, a UK public organization that protects British consumers, have been analyzed 400 chargers purchased on different websites and it has been proven that el 99% of the loaders purchased have not exceeded the safety requirements in terms of protection of electric shocks. Check connector pins, safety logos (CE mark), or even instructions for use, are some of the signs to consider.

So you know, for Christmas shopping, you do not want to save a few euros in exchange for a suspiciously dangerous charger, you have bought devices that in most cases reach 800 – 900 euros and We can not go through a charger that is worth a few euros to not buy a certificate of something else. You do not have to buy an Apple charger, you can always opt for renowned brands (Belking, Griffin …) that will offer you slightly cheaper options than those manufactured by Apple.

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