Black Friday 2016, offers from November 21-24

This week is the Black friday, a day in which many shops offer significant discounts on all types of products, although initially these discounts should be only on items related to technology. In this post we will make a selection of the best offers that you can not miss, or at least it will be worth checking out. Who knows? There could be something you are looking for with a 60% discount.

Although we will spread it again on social networks, this post will be constantly updated including new offers, so it is worth checking out every so often. Some of the following offers are available from today until the first week of December, but others will only be valid for today and others for a limited time. Be careful, if we blink we can miss something interesting.

Update with offers on the 24th (includes Flash offers)

VicTsing Wireless Portable Speaker

Wireless speakers are devices that are very fashionable. For that reason today I will also add to the list the VicTsing Wireless Portable Speaker. It is compatible with virtually any mobile device and has a battery that will allow us to listen to music for about 8 hours. During the day of today we can buy it for € 39.99 thanks to a 33% discount.

Inateck – Barcode laser scanner

I am not sure if it will serve many users, but I found it interesting to put it on the list of offers on the 24th. It is about laser barcode scanner Inateck iPhone compatible. Today will be with a price of € 43.99.

Foxpic RealFlash

No one can deny that the Flash Retina of the iPhone 6s or later is fine, but what if we want even more light? Well, there is a xenon flash called Foxpic RealFlash That can help us. Today it will be available for a price of € 34.38, both the gray model and the silver model.

Bluetooth cap, Rotibox

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<p>The truth is that I did not think I was going to publish the offer of a garment, but this Rotibox cap is not just a garment that will come perfect in the cold days to come. This is a hat that also <strong>will allow us to listen and control the music of our iPhone</strong>. Today it will be available for a price of € 23.96. There are many different to choose from, but be careful that not everyone will be discounted.</p>
<h3 id=Elgato Avea Flare

I know people who I could say are allergic to bright lights when night falls. These people like to use ambient light, like the one we can get with the Elgato Avea Flare. If we can also control its intensity with the iPhone or Apple Watch, better than better. Today we can buy this light from Elgato for a price of € 69.95.

Offers of the 23rd (includes Flash offers)

1byone turntable

Personally I do not quite know that the most music lovers are interested in a vinyl record player like this one, but I found it an interesting article. This is the 1byone record player that, in addition to playing vinyl records, will allow us to connect our iPhone and other bluetooth devices. During the week of Black Friday will be available for 99.99 €.

Selfie Stick Aukey HD-P8

Who doesn't know what a selfie stick is? I think comments are left. The Aukey HD-P8 is a stick for self-portraits that will allow us to take selfies like any other, but that retracts to improve its transport. Today is with a good discount and is left with a Price of € 5.99.

Lizon QC external batteries

If you are concerned that your iPhone runs out of battery especially when you go on a trip for several days, you will be interested to know that this Black Friday we have several Lizon batteries at a discount:

GGMM E3 Bluetooth Wifi Speaker

If what you are looking for is an offer that saves you a lot of money buying a Bluetooth speaker, what you are looking for is the GGMM E3. In addition to playing music, it also shows the time, which makes it perfect to put it on the nightstand and use it as an alarm clock. In addition, it is compatible with Spotify and Pandora. This speaker is available today with a € 120 discount on its white and blue models.

Garmin GPS Approach S5

Today, the Approach S5 golf watch will be available at a discount of 14%, which will keep it priced at € 299. This watch is compatible with the iPhone 4S or later.

Samsung Gear S2

This Korean giant's watch is one of the best alternatives of the Apple Watch. During this day and for the duration of the offer, three models will be discounted, the Samsung Gear S2 Classic Premium Rose Gold for € 299, the Classic Black model for € 319 and the Sport model for € 264.99.

Flash offers on day 22 (for a limited time)

EasySMX Children's Headphones

Black Friday should be for everyone and that includes the smallest of the family. Today we can buy some children's headphones EasySMX with a discount of no less than 71%, which leaves them with a price of € 19.99. Its price out of promotion is € 69.99. It is interesting to mention that, for example, the volume offered by these headphones is not very high, which will protect the ears of the little ones.

AUKEY Bluetooth Headphones 4.1

We continue with the headphones, but now we have some for adults: in-ear headphones AUKEY Bluetooth Headphones 4.1. While the flash offer lasts, we can buy these headphones with a 24% discount, which leaves them with a price of € 15.99.

Original Apple 1A power adapter + 1 meter

Any iPhone News user should know what an iPhone or iPad charger is like, right? If for whatever reason you need another, you will know that you have to pay what it costs … or take advantage of the 20% discount of this (supposedly) original Apple charger and a 1m Lightning cable that today is left with a price of € 19.16 .

Aukey PB-N37 – Portable charger (5000 mAh)

Although I personally do not usually have problems with my iPhone's battery, I know that many users would prefer that their device could be longer without connecting to an outlet. The good thing is that there are external batteries as the Aukey PB-N37 5000 mAh, which will allow you to add approximately two charges to a 5.5-inch iPhone. This external battery is available today with a price of € 9 which falls from € 24.99 out of promotion.

SAVFY Battery Case for iPhone 6 / 6s

We like Apple designs, but I think the battery case Apple is not the best that has created the team now led by Tim Cook. If you want a battery case for your iPhone 6 or 6s, today we have a SAVFY Battery Case with a 67% discount, which leaves it with a price of € 14.39.

Transparent SAVFY® case for iPhone 7 / Plus

I have been carrying my iPhone for a while in a case that I made myself, which allows me to enjoy their touch every time I use them by touching them directly, but I have to admit that I can take a scare if it falls out of my hands. To avoid this type of scares, we can use a protection as the transparent cover of SAVFY for iPhone 7 Plus that today is with a discount of 67% and that is left with a price of € 7.29. The version for iPhone 7 is also available for € 7.01.

1byone Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

If you are looking for a wireless keyboard that you can use with your iPhone or iPad, you may be interested in 1byone Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard, a proposal that folds for easy transport. Today it will be available with a 25% discount and we can buy it for € 29.99. It is available in black and black / gray and both have the same price, although out of promotion the second is more expensive.

VIVIS 20000mAh

Portable batteries There are many, but not as many as the VIVIS 20000mAh, mostly because of the energy it can provide. Out of promotion it has a price of € 79.99, but today that price will be reduced to € 23.99 thanks to its 70% discount.

Black Friday offers on November 22

B&O BeoPlay H7

We start with headphones that are probably best known by music lovers. It's about the wireless headphones B&O BeoPlay H7 that today are at a discount of no less than € 160 (36%), lowering its original price from € 449 to € 289. Although there are also other discounted models, the one with the biggest discount is the gray model.

Bluedio A (Air)

If you are looking for wireless headphones for your iPhone 7 and do not want to spend a lot of money, today we have the Bluedio A (Air) with a discount of no less than 60%, which leaves it with a price of € 39.99, both for the White model and for the Black model.

Sony Smartwatch 3

Well, it is not an Apple Watch, but a watch with a good design partly compatible with the iPhone. This is the Sony Smartwatch 3 smart watch, which today is available with a discount of no less than 48%, leaving the metallic gray model with a price of 144.99 €. If you are looking for a smart watch other than Apple, this is a good option.

Black Friday offers on November 21

Aukey Quick Charge 3.0

Today Aukey puts at your disposal several of its products with a significant discount, such as the Quick Quick Charge 3.0 which has gone from worth € 32.99 to just € 11.99. In THIS LINK you have other items of the same brand, all with significant discounts that are worth checking out.

iPhone 6 Plus

We started this list of Black Friday offers in an almost unbeatable way. We can not say that Apple devices are cheap, so I find the offer offered by an iPhone 6 Plus in silver (refurbished) with a discount of 27%, which leaves it with a discount final price of € 509.

Huawei Watch Classic

I know this is iPhone News and that, in theory, we should publish offers related to the apple phone or Apple products. But we also have a section called "Competition" and that is where this smartwatch would look good. In addition, Android Wear is (more or less) compatible with iOS. In any case, today we have the Huawei Watch Classic with a 28% discount, which remains in a final price of € 287.92.

Polar V650 HR Cyclocomputer

I have to admit that this interests me. From today until the end of the offer we have available the Polar V650 HR cycle computer with a 24% discount, which leaves it with a price of 206.50 €. If you wonder what this has to do with Apple, this Polar proposal can be connected to Strava, the most famous application for runners and cyclists.

Alcatel Onetouch Pop 3

Here we have another one of those articles that could go in the category of “Competition”. This is the phone with 5.5-inch screen and dual SIM with Android operating system Alcatel Onetouch Pop 3 that from today and until the end of the offer is available for € 99 thanks to the € 29 discount.

Flash offers on day 21 (for a limited time)

Belkin MiXIT

On November 21 we will have the Belkin MiXIT charging base with a discount that will leave it for € 25.98. This charging base is compatible with iPhone devices from iPhone 5 to iPhone 7.

Noontec Hammo Go

During almost all of today we will also have a Noontec Hammo Go headset with a significant discount, lowering its price from € 149.57 to € 119.95 on the Pink / Black model. It may not be a well-known brand (at least for me), but these headphones have noise cancellation, very important once you try them.

3 Cable Units Lightning MFi ISELECTOR

Apple Lightning cables are very beautiful, but we all know that, if we are not very careful, they end up breaking by the part where it connects to the iPhone or iPad. If yours is broken, today we will have 3 units of ISELECTOR Lightning MFi cables per one price of € 18.99, which comes to just over € 6 per cable.

Aukey VR-O2

Apple has not yet prepared its devices for virtual reality, but something can be done. If you want to see those videos in which there is one for each eye, today you can buy the virtual reality glasses Aukey VR-O2 for a price of € 13.99 which has dropped from € 24.34. Of course, only valid for iPhone 6, 6s and 7 4.7 inches or any other up to 5.2 inches.

JETech strap for Apple Watch

If you are looking for a metal strap for your Apple Watch, today JETech offers one of its own in black for the 42mm model for a price of € 16.95. It is a stainless steel strap that the users who are buying the most are liking.

The best accessories for your iPhone

Are you looking for a new case for your iPhone? An accessory for the Apple Watch? Maybe a Bluetooth speaker? Do not miss these offers on accessories and get the most out of Apple's mobile: