Call of Duty aims at Fortnite with its expected game for iPhone and iPad

The launch of Call of Duty: Mobile is getting closer and new secrets are gradually being revealed. Activision wants that one of its most popular franchises in consoles also conquers smartphones and for this he will launch a game fully designed for this type of devices and to stand up to Fortnite.

We already have some very interesting information about Call of Duty: Mobile but perhaps one of the most interesting points is a Battle Royale mode, which seems to have leaked in the last triler. A game mode that is very fashionable on mobile devices and where Fortnite and PUBG Mobile reign, and that could already be seen in Black Ops 4, its latest installment for consoles and PCs

Activision goes for it all with Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is the new free delivery for Android and iOS mobile devices from the popular Activision action saga. The new game of the famous franchise arrive very soon to the app stores in America, Europe and some other passes and hopes to do it all out.

The game collect maps, modes, weapons and characters from the Call of Duty franchise, including Black Ops and Modern Warfare, one of the sagas of the world of videogames that has a greater legin of followers. But we may also see exclusive weapons and maps.

Activision is expected to launch a public beta of Call of Duty: Mobile so that players can try the title and that help developers polish the game before launch. The release date has not been confirmed by Activision, but hopefully it will reach your iPhone in the coming months.

The Call of Duty's strongest bet: Mobile is its multiplayer mode and his arrival is highly anticipated by all lovers of the saga. If you want to know all the news on the official Call of Duty Mobile page you can pre-register.