Camera, OLED screen and Face ID is what users of the new iPhone X value most

A recent report by Strategy Analytics shows that those known as "early adopters" of the iPhone X, that is, users who have not waited for the next generation of the device to avoid those small problems or failures that usually appear in the first device versions they are rating the new model with 4.64 points out of 5.

This means that users who have the new iPhone X are really satisfied with the overall operation and in this case we can say that has not had to date any "gate", the typical failures that may have the iPhone or any new model that is released to the market.

In addition to this, the important thing in this report by Strategy Analytics and that you can download completely from this link, shows the three or four determining points in this new Apple device: its camera, the TrueDepth sensor, the new OLED screen and obviously the Face ID.

The screen of the new iPhone X It has few rivals today. The colors may be less saturated than in other firms, the “notch” may bother some, but the balance offered by the huge 5.8-inch screen in terms of general vision in any condition and moderate consumption of Battery make this OLED stand out in virtues.

It also appears in this report. the value as an Apple brand, something very important today and something that not all companies can boast. In fact, Apple has many positive points that make users loyal, but it also has negative points that in turn are understood in most cases by these same users. All companies have strengths and weaknesses.

The Animoji and the security offered by the TrueDepth sensor of the device are undoubtedly other of the most outstanding improvements of the new Apple model. What makes everything change is undoubtedly the implementation this front camera capable of offering even greater security than the more than secure Touch ID system, something that insurance will continue to be implemented in the following models of the company as it offers peace of mind in terms of important security.

The iPhone X cameras offer portrait mode both front and back and while it is true they continue to improve this effect with the different updates, the iPhone cameras have always been a benchmark in the industry. In this iPhone X its rear and front cameras are still in the ascending line and therefore have so many positive points.

The summary of this is that the iPhone X is without a doubt the best model of the brand and that I can only personally say that I find a defect so that not all Apple users do not buy it, the high price.

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