Canary, the all-in-one security camera

Canary has become, on its own merits, one of the reference brands in surveillance cameras connected to our smartphones. His latest model, Canary Flex, has already been analyzed in our blog in this article. Now we have had the opportunity to complete the analysis of their cameras with the first model they launched on the market, simply called Canary, and that offers us a complete surveillance system For our house.

Surveillance camera with motion sensor and night vision, air quality, temperature and humidity monitor, and a siren of up to 90 decibels that we can activate from our smartphone These are some of the features included in this complete surveillance camera, to which we must add the enormous possibilities offered by its iOS application.


It is a camera without an integrated battery, as does its little sister Canary Flex. This means that we must connect it to an outlet to make it work. But as it is intended for use inside this is not usually a problem. Nor is internet connectivity a problem, since We can opt for Ethernet connectivity if we wish, or use the WiFi network of our home if we prefer (2.4GHz networks only). At the bottom we find the speaker, which not only emits the siren of 90 decibels that we can activate from the application, but also serves to communicate with who is being captured by the camera at that time. Of course it has a microphone that captures the sound we can hear while we see the image ..

The image quality is excellent, with FullHD resolution (10920 × 1080) and a viewing angle of up to 147 degrees. The images are seen in great detail even by zooming in, and night vision is not the same as with other cameras that only the center of the image can be seen, in this case the capture is illuminated in its entirety. It is true that the wide angle makes the image appear somewhat distorted on the sides, but that is implicit in this type of lens. Unlike Canary Flex, this Canary model allows you to define the zones that you want to be activated in case of movement. The sound that the camera captures is also of great quality, and the siren sounds as you can expect from any siren.

In addition to camera functions, this Canary model it has humidity, temperature and air quality sensors, so it can serve as an environmental monitoring system for our home. You can check the data at any time from the application, and you can also see the graph with the accumulated data. It is also possible to configure notifications for when the values ​​exceed the limits we set.

An application for all functions

It is a detail to take into account when someone is going to acquire a surveillance camera, because in the end you can see with several applications on your iPhone aimed at controlling the different cameras placed by your home. Canary allows you to control everything from your application and also does it very easily being able to handle any user perfectly.

The application, which is completely free and can be used by all users regardless of the type of subscription they have, allows you to control all the cameras you have wanted to add to your video surveillance system. The main screen allows you to slide sideways to change cameras, and sliding up You will be able to access all the notifications that have arrived, including previews of the videos that have been recorded. That list of notifications is ordered chronologically and includes all notifications of all the cameras you have added. You can add several members to the application so that everyone who is at home can have access to it, which is important not only to view the content but also to control Canary's smart notification system.

Because, depending on your location, notifications will arrive or not. We have several surveillance modes:

  • Home mode: so that when you're at home you won't be bothered with notifications and the cameras don't record content
  • Out of home mode: when all members added to Canary are away from home the camera will be in surveillance mode and will notify any movement detected, recording a video sequence.
  • Night mode: you can program that after a certain time you go to surveillance mode even if you are at home.

ANDl switching from one mode to another is automatic depending on your location (and the time in night mode). The system works really well, although you have to keep in mind that if you go out to throw the garbage and the containers are close to home it will not detect that you have left, since the geo-fence that is established is larger than the size of your house. It is a very comfortable system that works really well, one of the best I've tried in the different camera models that I have been able to analyze. We cannot forget that it also has applications for watchOS and tvOS, so Apple's ecosystem is covered to the fullest. In this video we analyze the Canary Flex, but it is completely valid to see the operation of the application of this all-in-one model.

Canary – Smart Home Security

Canary Connect Inc.


Service with monthly fees, if you want

Canary has two types of subscriptions: free and paid. For $ 9.99 per month ($ 99 if you pay annually) you will have access to all the services offered by the company. With the free quota you have access to everything I've commented on in this article, and you can add up to 4 devices. It's more than enough for most users, and that's how I have it, without missing other functions. The paid subscription adds the following features to the basic service:

  • Unlimited downloads of videos to your mobile
  • Streaming from web browser
  • Recordings of up to 30 days (free only 24 hours)
  • Full recordings (free only 30 seconds)
  • Possibility to speak through the camera from your mobile
  • Possibility to add up to 5 devices

Continuous improvement of benefits

The service offered by Canary has varied over time. Despite controversial decisions that have been made in the past and that have fortunately rectified, even customers who opt for the free mode have seen how they have improved the performance of our cameras, and There are other improvements announced that will arrive next year, such as the detection of people and other security systems related to machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Editor's Opinion

Despite being a model that already has time in the Canara catalog, this all-in-one video surveillance system remains one of the most interesting for price and performance. With a design that does not clash in any location and an image recording in FullHD, the Canary camera is gradually shortening the differences in performance of other models that have subsequently come to the market through software updates that, although with certain controversies , are reaching all users, including those who opt for free subscription mode. The lack of integration with HomeKit is compensated with a very well designed and easy to handle application, which manages the location of the users perfectly to change the surveillance mode, and that allows to control all the cameras from a single place. It moves in a price range that ranges from € 139 to € 193 current on Amazon.

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  • € 139 to € 193

    • Canary
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    • Full HD wide angle recording
    • High quality night mode
    • Intuitive application with smart notifications
    • Temperature, humidity and air quality sensors


    • No possibility of local video storage
    • Without HomeKit

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